Full Beard Laser Hair Removal

A permanent solution for unwanted hair

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A beard is a collection of hair that grows on the face, typically around the chin, mouth, and cheeks. Beards can be groomed or unkempt and are often worn to symbolize masculinity. Beard hair is generally coarser than other facial hair types, so it can be more challenging to remove with laser hair removal. However, many people find that laser treatment is an effective way to reduce the thickness and density of their beard. It can also be used to sculpt the appearance of the beard so that less shaving is required to maintain it.

If you’re considering laser hair removal for your beard, be sure to consult with one of our medical aestheticians to discuss your goals and expectations.

Some of the benefits of full beard laser hair removal include:

  • Permanent hair removal
  • It’s less painful than waxing or plucking
  • It can be done quickly and easily
  • It doesn’t cause skin irritation like shaving can